Question: Frustrated Husband with Wife Undermining His Role

muslim parenting muslim child

My wife keeps undermining my authority infront of our kids, no matter how many time I tell her I don’t like that she keeps doing it!! I’m very frustrated and don’t know what to do, any advice? There’s likely two issues at play here: one could be an insecurity about who she is as a […]

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Question: New Baby Soon & Marriage


I’m going to have a baby soon, but I’m terrified my marriage will change and we don’t have the same relationship. Is this normal? Can I do anything to stop it? A baby is a blessing, but also a great distraction. It is true; marriages do change when a child is born because the focus […]

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Raising An Obedient Child – Step 3

Putting Parenting Together (Step 3 of 3 ) I have previously discussed step 1 and step 2 in raising an obedient child. As we progress to the final step, you’ll notice that it doesn’t get easier. This step isn’t really a “step”, it’s more like a foundation piece; an absolutely essential requirement in working towards […]

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Raising An Obedient Child – Step 2

Raising an obedient child muslim child

Purposely Parent  (Step 2 of 3) Assuming you’ve read step one, you’ll be clear as to what exactly an “obedient child” looks like – by my definition. While it may have a selfish connotation suggesting a parent wants to control and dictate the life of their child, in actuality an obedient chlid is the outcome […]

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Raising an Obedient Child – Step 1


The Game Plan The concept of an obedient child seems almost “OLD SKOOL” – I mean, what is an obedient child? Does that entail a child that follows their parent’s orders without question or maybe it implies a child has no ambition in life except for what they are told?  Maybe you have a different […]

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Question: My parents are divorced so does that mean I have a broken home?

Muslim child divorce home

It’s not a broken home unless something inside the home isn’t working. Yes, it can be argued when a mom and dad aren’t together then the ties of family are broken. But when a mom and dad can’t get along, they argue a lot or have habits that cause serious issues to the family unit […]

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