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It's Personal

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah
 [for a summarized version, see video below] 
 I have always believed that the closest distance between two people is humour. Laughter in moderation nurtures the soul, makes us connected and keeps us young! Alongside that, I also cherish being Muslim. I truly believe it’s the perfect way of life through each golden nugget of guidance that has been passed on by our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. On that note, I must tell you, I absolutely abhor the idea of mocking religion, any religion. Mocking is not the type of humour referred, we're a better nation than that!
With the use of subtle truths, Muslim Child invokes laughter and smiles. Just like that, a connection is instantly fused. The love for who we are is established. An affirmation of pride is created, even if the media tries to shame us through lies. We are a nation built upon high standards in ethics, character and discipline… and when we have trouble keeping up, we can take a minute to crack a joke, then get back up and try again but with a smile on our face, InshaAllah.
 The Story
 I went through a heart-breaking period in my life, which had it not been by Allah’s Grace could have also been soul breaking. In that time period, I made dua – not any kind, but you know that hard core, puffy eye dua, that you try to hide - especially from your kids. My children then were 2 and 4 years old, and I would have hated for them to worry about why mommy was crying, and worse to tell my parents. Why pass on heartache when no one except the Almighty can help you?
 It is then, through rainy nights (both figuratively and literally) that the idea of Muslim Child was born. I literally sprang up and just started writing (I guess it was the business plan which was very eloquently written in a Simpson notebook). In 2007, I took 6 months and focused all my energy into building a business – of course with the help of my very supportive family, Alhamdulilah! I didn’t know what I was doing, but I tried. And truth be told, Muslim Child did well then, MashaAllah. When we took it to conferences, it was really cool to watch people walk by, let out a chuckle, and call their friend over with big grins on their faces. Sometimes it was just a smile, sometimes it was a shopping spree for nieces and nephews. People loved it, they were happy and so were we, Alhamdulilah! 
 The problem was, I couldn’t keep up, or maybe it was that I just I wasn’t ready, so, Muslim Child was quietly shelved. Still, it has always remained in my heart, hence I paid for the domain renewal year after year – I’m glad to be using it now! is an answered supplication in a time of a great needs, that reflects life's greatest blessings: Islam, children, and laughter. 10 years later, with remnants leftover (ie. a box of business cards, flyers, shirts etc), I started again. This time with the hope of doing it better by trying to keep costs as low as possible, include a variety of apparel styles and add fresh new sayings to reflect times of today. I’m glad to say I’ve yet to find anyone selling Muslim onesies this low, especially when we have a super sale!
 As a Muslim, I believe Muslim Child represents who we are. It promotes the love of the Sunnah, but also the love our lifestyle. GAP, Guess, Old Navy – don’t do that! Yes, their sales and variety are better, but we have to start somewhere right? Why not with that which reflects us, in a fun, cute, kind’a way? Muslim Child still has ways to go in improving, InshaAllah, but with your help, support, love and duas I’m certain will come to reflect a generation of proud Muslims, that know and love their religion so much so they’ll wear it on their sleeve ;) 
 This is my story, nothing profound, but sincere in spreading the love of Islam starting from the root – our children: Yours. Mine. Ours.
Thank you for being part of my journey, may Allah bless you all with goodness, ameen!

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