Household Stress – Easy steps that guarantee a reduction in housework

islamic household

“It’s just not working!” you say to yourself. Getting the house clean, homework checks and children ready for the next day of school, a meal prepared, laundry done, and a full day of work (either with younger children or out in the world) – it’s just not happening. These are sentiments that many parents feel, […]

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Being Muslim in the West – How to Feel Safe

Being Muslim in the west

Western Muslims, now more than ever, are faced with what is coined as “Islamophobia.” It is a phrase that encompasses the fear of the unknown but also creates a threat to Muslims across the globe based simply on the fact that we are Muslims.  While many questions arise, two remain at the forefront – What […]

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Positive Influence – Be the Change You Want for Your Children

muslim parenting

Today’s world is filled with much strife, the days of calm seem to be a distant past as our youth seem to grow so fast, yet, so slowly too. Issues such as #BlackLivesMatter, #IStandWithAhmed, #DumpTrump, etc. are heavy for children to be worrying about. While on some level they do worry, on another level they […]

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